The choice of a profitable and reliable direction of investment funds is an issue that during the crisis is of interest to many citizens who have personal savings. During instability in the foreign exchange and stock markets, it is precious metals that become a successful solution, which allows not only to save but also to increase accumulations. gold rate per tola is 432.04 GBP.

Thinking about where it is inexpensive to buy gold, it is worth considering the offers of pawnshops.

Features of the “golden deals” of pawnshops

When it comes to investing in gold, it is not at all necessary to imagine buying gold bars and coins. The object of investment can be the most ordinary jewelry. However, buying them at jewelry stores and stores is not always profitable. A much more logical solution is to visit a pawnshop.

In general terms, the process of formation of “gold reserves” of pawnshops is as follows:

  • Citizens who are in urgent need of funds bring their valuables here as collateral, and in return receive loans;
  • After full repayment of the loan and interest on it, the pawnshop client can pick up his jewelry;
  • Some borrowers not only provide jewelry in the form of collateral but even sell them to pawnshops;
  • Sometimes, after the agreed period, the client does not return the debt to the pawnshop, leaving him his own deposit.

As a result, such products can be purchased at a time of low gold prices, and in the future – sold significantly more expensive and, thereby, increase their savings.

You should not think that a pawnshop is a fraudulent organization that sells fakes. In fact, the pawnshop receives a license to carry out activities through the Bank of Russia, and before accepting jewelry, the pawnshops are thoroughly checked, which excludes the possibility of acquiring fake samples. Therefore, having temporarily free funds in hand, you can safely go to a pawnshop. 22K gold rate is 432.04 GBP in UK.

Buying gold at a pawnshop – key conditions

A gold product in a pawnshop, both to save the cost of savings and for direct use (here you can choose a very original ring or earrings at a bargain price), you can buy in one of the following ways:

  • View the site of the pawnshop: as a rule, jewelry for sale on it is presented along with current prices;
  • Go directly to the pawnshop, where there is a showcase with products for sale and their prices;
  • Find out the time of the Lombard auctions and take part in them.

Among other things, pawnshops often have significant discounts, allowing you to purchase your favorite jewelry at 70-90% cheaper than real value.

Buying gold at a pawnshop – what to look for?

First of all, it is important to choose the pawnshop itself. In this case, it is better to give preference to well-known institutions with an extensive network of branches that have been operating on the market for more than one year. In addition, you should check:

  • Availability of an up-to-date license;
  • The presence of the whole complex of equipment for checking the weight of products and their samples;
  • Gold prices.

As for the choice of gold jewelry, first of all, transactions with excessively cheap goods should be avoided. As a rule, products with defects are sold at a lower cost, which will be difficult to sell in the future. In addition, it checks:

  • The appearance of the product;
  • The presence of a sample and its compliance with the real parameters of the metal;
  • The degree of deterioration and the presence of defects;
  • The presence of a tag on the product sold, which indicates its weight, samples and selling value.

In the ideal case, you should bring along a friend jeweler who will be able to appreciate a particular gold item.

It is important to remember that, unlike jewelry stores, gold purchased at a pawnshop cannot be exchanged and returned, therefore it is worth approaching the deal and the question of choosing its object is extremely responsible.

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